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Meet Tricky


Name: Tricky


Gender: Female


Species: Earth pony


Likes: Rusty, Her gang friends, money, valuables, stealing, Bagels


Dislikes: Orphanages, loneliness, failing


Personality: tough, strong willed, devious, Sassy, Sweet


Lives: Manehattan


Cutie Mark: Tricky’ mark is of a fake gem. She got her mark when she went on one of her earliest missions. She snuck into a rich pony’s house while some members of Rusty’s gang were distracting the house owners. Once inside she found a beautiful gem just lying on the ground. She quickly snatched it and jumped out the window just when the owners came in. She took it back with her, and showed it to Rusty who praised her, but after he inspected it closer he realized it was a fake. Tricky felt awful and started to cry, but was quickly consoled by Rusty who told her that she was still a great thief, and that it seemed so realistic that it wasn’t her fault. He said that he was surprised that she did so well in the first place and that she was very talented. Tricky thought about it and realized he was right she was still a good thief maybe even great. And with a flash a CM of the fake gem appeared on her flank.


Bio: Meet Tricky, she may look sweet, but she isn’t every thing she appears to be. When Tricky was young, she was dropped of at the footsteps of an orphanage. She was taken in and spent many years there hoping to get adopted; sadly at around the time she reached 10 years old she realized that most likely nopony would adopt her. (Due to her age, and her tendency to get into trouble.) She decided to run away from the horrid place, but didn’t succeed and was caught almost immediately. She tried again and again, getting better at hiding and sneaking, and after many failed attempts she finally escaped. Though Tricky got out, she didn’t really plan this far and wandered the streets taking food from trashcans and sleeping in alleys. One day while she was getting ready to fall asleep an old dirty stallion found her by the name of Rusty. Tricky was afraid that he would take her back to the orphanage, but she found out that he was homeless and that the ally she was in his hideout. Unknown to Tricky, Rusty had recently lost his son (who he had taken care of since his wife’s death) and was lonely. Rusty told the young Tricky that he help her out. A hungry and weak Tricky agreed. She learned that he was a successful pickpocket who was apart of a small gang of thieves. He taught her how to steal ponies’ possessions without getting caught and also how to blend in with her surroundings. After many years, she became a very skilled thief and officially joined Rust’s gang working in the Black market. After she got her Cutie Mark She Became known as the go to pony for stealing valuable things. She often would use her looks to get close to the semi rich and take things right from under their nose. Tricky was vey careful and made sure not to get caught by making it seem that it couldn’t be her (have an ‘alibi’ or leave clues pointing to somepony else) and also, when ever she was sneaking into buildings she always darkened her mane and tail by mixing mud in it, and she would also were a black hat, socks and clothing.


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